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My HATHORNEs (on separate web page) 

Compiled By: Gary L. Hathorn  of Jackson, Mississippi. 
You may contact Gary  L. Hathorn at


Henry Harrison HATHORN (1813-1887) Biographical Information

John HATHORN (1749-1825) Biographical Information

Images from the Salem Witchcraft Trials - John Hathorne " ... Hathorne's grandson, author Nathaniel Hawthorne, added a "w" in his to distance himself from Hathorne because of the role he played in the Salem trials."

The Starner Home Page - BURNS, HITCHMAN, STARNER, CURTIS, BRUENING, HULETT and HOWLETT, HAWTHORNE and HATHORNE, HILES BEWICK. This web page loads slowly. Descendants of Robert Hawthorne - This web page shows the spelling change of John Hathorne's grandson, Nathianiel Hawthorne.

Winthrop Society Home Page - Pre-1633 Planters of the Massachusetts Bay Colony - H-Data includes a little data about Capt. William HATHORNE.

HATHORNE / HAWTHORNE (Robert HATHORNE - Anne HEWES); HARTHORNE / HATHORN / HATHORNE (Mercy HARTHORN - Anne HATHORNE ) at Nora Callahan's Family History. Also see John HATHORNE (5 AUG 1641 - 10 MAY 1717).

HAWTHORNE and REAGAN at the Southern-Style web site

Surnames What's in a Name Name Origins & Meanings (Broken Arrow Publishing)

Hawthorne is a variation of the English Place name Hawthorn, which described the man who lived by the bush of a hedge of hawthorn, from the Old English word haguporn, which was the name for the thorn used to make hedges and enclosures. The -e at the end was generally found in Northern Ireland. Cognates, or names from words in other languages that mean the same thing, are: Hagedorn, Haydorn, Heydorn, Heidorn (German); Van Hagengoren (Flemish), and Hagedoorn (Dutch). Requested by William J. Hawthorne

Here are a few e-mail messages:

----- Original Message ----- 
From: David Hathorne <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, March 20, 1999 5:19 AM
Subject: Genealogy

Hello Pat,

I assume that somehow or other we are related since Hathorne (no "w") is not a particularly common name. My grandfather, Freeman Elsworth Hathorne was born somewhere in Missouri in 1866. He moved to Arizona as a young man and married a Navaho woman and owned a trading post on the reservation at Keems Canyon. My father, Richard Elsworth Hathorne, was born there in 1914. They moved to California in 1921, and I was born here in 1945. That's about all I know of my branch of the family. I'd be curious to know what you might know, especially if it turns out that we are related. I hope that this may be of some help.

David Hathorne


I found this for him: 

Name -- Born -- Died -- Residence -- Last Benefit -- SSN -- Issued -- Request Write Letter 

RICHARD HATHORNE 27 Mar 1914 Sep 1974 (No Location Given) (No Location Given) 033-09-1265 Massachusetts (Before 1951) 


I replied to this post on a message board. He is my Cuz.

Re: Hathorns in MS & elsewhere
Posted by: Kent Hawthorne (Hathorne)
Date: April 07, 1998 at 13:51:44
In Reply to: Hathorns in MS & elsewhere by Mary Ferguson Fiser  of 64 

I have researched my family, Hathorne's, in central Mississippi, back to Nicholas C. Hathorne. He was born in South Carolina in 1805. He married Betsy Bryant and moved to Covington County Mississippi.

One of his sons was Robert C. Hathorne, was born in 1825 and married Keziah Knight, sister to the infamous Capt Newt Knight, deserter from the Confederate Army and supposed leader of the "Free State of Jones".

Robert and Keziah had many children, one of them was my great-grandfather, Daniel B. Hathorne who was born in 1850. My grandfather was James Hawthorne, 1889, and my father is also James Hawthorne, 1924, who still lives in Taylorsville, Smith County.

Any information that would pre-date Nicholas (1805) would be greatly appreciated.


I replied to this post on a message board and found no connection, yet to his family:

Posted by: Dale Hawthorne 
Date: October 11, 1998 at 16:48:47 
In Reply to: HAWTHORN, Darwin, Texas by DL HAWTHORN of 65 

Would like to trade info if we have common ancestor. A quick rundown goes like this:
Samual Hathorn, d 1765 Lancaster Cty, PA 
-James Hathorn, b 1747 Lancaster Cty, PA d 1835 Hamilton Cty, OH 
--Samual Hathorn, b 1783? PA or VA? d 1834 VA
---James Hawthorn, b 1813 VA d 1886 VA
----Sarah Hawhtorne, b 1860 VA d 1924 VA
-----Robert Hawthorne, b1896 VA d 1978 VA 

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Surname Web - Hathhorn; Hathorn; Hathorne

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