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History of Name, Tartans, Coat of Arms, etc. 4-20-07

See: Heraldry (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) and Custom Crests, Logos, and Coats of Arms Design Servicesso that makes a little more sense. If you have a McClendon "Coats of Arms," etc. to post at this web site, please send it to me at It should not be copyrighted. Perhaps we have an artist out there?

Blazon of Arms: Vert; a lion rampant or; on a chief argent; a dexter hand erect, couped at the wrist gules.
Crest: A boar pass. ppr; langued gules armed and hoofed or.
Motto (and Translation): Sola salus servire Deo or Salvation only in serving God.

Source: The Historical Research Center - For names and more

"Coat of Arms" is supposed to be in a book called: Burke's Encyclopedia of Heraldry probably at a public library and this book is considered one of the best sources..

Here is one example, again I don't know how accurate it is.

Clan MacLennan Worldwide - Crest, Motto, War Cry, Arms & Tartans and Associated Names and Septs

You can "right click" on the image of the Ancient Tartan to "Save Background As" (.gif and .bmp formats) or "Set as Background" means that you want it to be displayed on your desktop as the "desktop wallpaper."

St. Andrew's Pipes & Drums of Tampa Bay, Florida [MacLennan modern]

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African American descent

SS-5 Forms and Social Security Death Index 8-2-2007

Death Certificates with Obituaries, if available - mostly those related to me but a few who are not. 7-14-2007

Marriage Licenses from Tangipahoa Parish, LA of a few we are related to me. (I requested 14 and got 5, so the other 9 couples must have gotten married nearby!) 7-13-2007

How to Marriage Licenses from Tangipahoa Parish, LA. (I requested 14 and got 5, so the other 9 couples must have gotten married nearby!) 7-13-2007

I've combined 4 sets of McCLENDONs in the "boot of the toe" of Louisiana into 2 sets, now I'd like to combined all into 1 sets:

William McCLENDON (abt 1822 in SC - died in Civil War?) married Mary HAYS on April 22, 1851 in St. Helena Parish, LA. They had 4 children: June 21, 2007

John Franklin McCLENDON (abt 1852)
Serena McCLENDON (abt 1855)
Joseph Parker McCLENDON (abt 1857)
Mary Ellen "Ellie" McCLENDON (abt 1861)
 I have combined these 2 McCLENDON lines, click here. 4-24-07
Leon Frank McCLENDON's web page (Washington Parish, LA) June 21, 2007

Dennis McCLENDON and Margaret Mary EARLY of NC 7-12-07

Revolutionary War Soldiers - McCLENDONs and McLENDONs 7-12-07

Alfred McClendon and Pamelia (or Vermelia) McKie
(Clinton, East Feliciana Parish, LA)
 See my attempt to combine these 2 McCLENDON lines, click here. 4-20-07
Thomas Green McCLENDON  or a.k.a., T. G. McCLENDON,
and Ella Wren DAWSON McClendon (Clinton, East Feliciana Parish, LA)

Archie M McCLENDON and sons: Daniel McCLENDON, Ely W McCLENDON and Edward D McCLENDON and daughters: Azaline McCLENDON and Martha McCLENDON 6-12-07

James Madison McLENDON and his obituary (Source: unknown) - Of Bogalusa, Washington Parish fame: He cut down the first tree for the Great Southern Lumber Company. James Madison McLENDON (b: May 11, 1848 - d: Aug 26, 1929; buried in Adams Cemetery) married Elizabeth "Sissy," ADAMS. He was 81 years old. 7-26-07

Jacob McCLENDON (McLENDON) and Annis Runnels (or Reynolds) Of Pike Co., GA 7-11-07

William T(homas?) McCLENDON (McLENDON) and Mary J UNKNOWN of Lowndes Co., GA 7-11-07

William H. McCLENDON, Private 7-4-07
(born abt 1841 in GA - Sept. 20, 1863 in The Battle of Chickamauga)
Confederate soldier - Co. A, 17th Mississippi Inf.
Son of Joel and Martha McClendon living near Egypt, MS

Jesse Bryan McCLENDON born in GA (son of John?) and Marguerite or Margaret Rebecca Hutchinson (St. Helena Parish, LA) June 21, 2007 includes death certificate of William Hutchinson McCLENDON

Mary Katherine McCLENDON (born: Oct. 8. 1873 - died: Nov. 27, 1925), wife of James Pinkney CORKERN, Jr. (Washington Parish, LA)

Leon Frank McCLENDON's web page (Washington Parish, LA) June 21, 2007

Henry Lester McCLENDON (born: March 31, 1882 - April 1966, death date is from SSDI)

NOTE: the SSDI lists he birth date as March 30, 1882 , not March 31, 1882 as on the SS-5 Form.

Henry Lester McCLENDON's parents were John (?) McCLENDON and Betsy JENKINS. Henry was white and worked at the Great Southern Lumber Co. and he was paid semi-monthly. He was widowed. His birth date was March 31, 1882 and he was born in Bailey (misspelled - Baley), Tangipahoa Parish, LA. (Tangipahoa Parish is right next to Washington Parish)

On Oct. 20, 1940 he was 59 years old when he filled out the SS-5 form, and he lived in Bridge City, (?? Rte. 1 ??), Westwego, LA. (This last address is a little confusing since Bridge City and Westwego are cities in Jefferson Parish, LA). You could probably go to the News Orleans, LA Public Library and look him up in an old "City Directory" (a.k.a., phone book).

It appears that he signed his name with an "x" and that two witnessed also signed the form.

See: Louisiana 1895 Map at URL: and note that Jefferson Parish is the pink area just below Lake Pontchartrain.

Henry Lester McCLENDON (March 31, 1882 - April 1966) was a brother of L. F. or Leon "Lonnie " Frank McCLENDON (March 3, 1887 - December 9, 1919) June 21, 2007

If you want photocopy of any of your people's SS-5 forms (Application for Social Security Number / Card), just go to RootsWeb's "advanced search" Search the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) and type in their Social Security Number (or use the advanced search feature to find their Social Security Number), then click on the SS-5 Letter link and a letter will be generated for you to send off for a copy. Use one form per person. You may submit more than one request at a time, but don't overwhelmed them.

When you receive the photocopy (in 8 - 10 weeks or longer), it will look like something like this: Henry Lester McClendon's. Sometimes, however, you'll receive other documents related to request for benefits, etc. instead of the SS-5 form.

This Betsy McClendon (abt. 1891 - Oct. 11, 1929) may have been a sister?

Name: Betsy McClendon
Age: 38 years
Death Date: 11 Oct 1929
Parish: E. Feliciana
Volume: 31
Certificate: 12631

Source: La. State Deaths 1900-1929 Death Indexes

McCLENDON and McLENDONs from Scott Co., MS - look up notes

Posted July 18, 2003 - James McCLENDON was a chief petty officer serving in the US Navy in the San Francisco area in 1952. It is believed that he was from Texas. His son, David A EMPEY <> is trying to get in touch with James or any of his relatives.

My Genealogy web sites:

Note: Most of My McCLENDONs were born in Washington Parish, LA.

See my GEDCOM file: patmcclendon Database at WorldConnect Project - search for and/or submit your GEDCOM files

McCLENDON (at this web site) and My McCLENDONs (at this web site) 

McCLENDON and related surnames at Freepages

  • Sign My Guestbook! Include a brief description of your McCLENDON family and who you are looking for. View My Guestbook!

  • I will use this Freepages space for images and documents that are too large for this web site (Genealogy: McCLENDONs and McLENDONs (and related surnames) at RootsWeb at URL: which has a 10 MB limit. Additionally, images and documents may first appear on this web site for a while before being moved to the Freepages location. Also, if I can't afford the $250 for the above web site next year, I will move the entire contents of this web site to Freepages account.

My web site at the Family Tree McClendon, Graves, Hathorne, Craft, White, Lott, Knight, etc. Be sure to click on this link: Patricia D McClendon - InterneTree to see my entire family tree. Type a "F" on your keyboard to bring up a window that has all the individuals in alphabetical order.

Genealogy: McCLENDONs and McLENDONs on the Internet and Surnames: McClendon (McLendon), Graves, Hathorne, Lott, White, Knight, Britt, Cooper, Pounds, Keller (Note: This is my personal genealogy web site. I will probably move it here or to the Freepages web site in piecemeal fashion.)

Artena Faye McClendon (3 KB)  
Artena Faye McClendon (Washington Parish, LA). E-mail her:



Kettle Creek Battlefield Historic Cemetery (Wilkes Co., GA) - photos of tombstones: Jacob McLENDON (US Army, Rev War, 1715 - 1793) and Travis McLENDON (Capt, US Army, Rev War, 1758 - 1835) and monuments.

The McClendon Family Web Page (David and Suzanne G. McClendon) This page is for information regarding the McClendon family which came to settle in and around Edgefield South Carolina. The family traces its roots back to historical Scotland and Ireland.

Thurmond Genealogy : McClendon Genealogy ~ Scotland to South Carolina

THE McLENDON/McCLENDON PAPERS OF LEONARDO ANDREA and his The Richard Robert Dietz Ancestry

Melba Goff Allen's "MELBA'S  SOUTHERN FAMILIES" (e-mail:

Melba has done an excellent job of gather and sharing information!!!

McCLENDONs and McLENDONs Also see the "Index of /~mallen4896/McLendon" subdirectory
McLendon-McClendon Early Ancestor
Mississippi Marriages  
See how SelfSeek can help search the above Marriage directory. Click here to see the results SelfSeek found for the PERRY surname. FREE Search Tools that making genealogy work a little easier are in bold.

Family Tree Maker Download their Family Archive Viewer (demo version of program). Also check out: Genealogy "How-To" Guide and Find Your Living Relatives Online: Phone numbers, e-mail, and street addresses. Note that the telephone listings only capitalize the first letter of each word. 

Search for Family Tree Maker User Home Pages only or use the Internet FamilyFinder to search User Home Pages, Message Boards, Classifieds and Civil War, Databases on Family Tree Maker Online, as well as the Internet and Family Tree Maker CDs. Here are a few search results for McCs:

The Sean Padraic Kane Genealogy Site ( See: several generations

McClendon/Wms;Clark/McGhee;Bridges/Carr Family Home Page (FMcclen394@AOL.COM)
The David E. and Suzanne G. McClendon Family Home Page (

Descendants of William Lackey
( See: 99. Margaret Joanna4 Lackey (Jesse Lester3, Andrew M.2, William1) was born 24 July 1871 in Mount Hope, Lawrence Co., AL, and died 6 October 1960 in Temple, TX. She married Thomas Wesley McClendon 1 December 1887 in Turnersville, Coryell Co., TX.

The James H. Kyle Family

Southern Connections

The Tackel-Mcclendon Home Page

The Fannie McClendon Family Home Page
There are over 250 listings!

Here are a few search results for McLs:

Jacob McLendon (Janet Bryan McLendon -

GENDEX -- WWW Genealogical Index - Click on "Access the index", then "Go to the surname index" and finally, click on the "M" to go to the M index, then use your Netscape or Internet Explorer browser to search/find (in the "Edit" menu) McCLENDON, LOTT, etc.

McClendon Family Genealogy Forum  and McLendon Family Genealogy Forum at GenForum

Surname Web - McClendon and McLendon

McCLENDON and McLENDON at RootsWeb Message Boards



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McCLENDONs and McLENDONs Genealogy Files and Vital Records 

Thomas Keitly (or Keatling) McCLENDON

Mrs. Jean McCLENDON Gibson (1908 - ) sent me p.8 of her family's genealogy a while back. I have now converted the diagram into a .GIF image. Click here to see it, JeanGibson.gif. She is the daughter of Thomas Keitly (variant spelling = Keatling) McCLENDON (1872 - 1960) and Alice Margaret Deweese (1885 - 1945). Thomas' parents were Ann E. Townsend and James Bowling McClendon. 

Thomas was born in Texas in 1872. Mrs. Gibson wrote that her family moved from the Kentucky - Tennessee border (living in Adairville, Franklin, and Orlinda) to Saskatchewan, Canada in 1912. They later moved to Thunder Bay, Ontario, CANADA. 

Mrs. Gibson sent me a document from the Dept. of Commence - Bureau of the Census, RE: Thomas Keatling McClendon dated February 18, 1943 addressed to: The Superintendent, Old Age Pension Board, Regina, Sask., CANADA. It states that during the June 1, 1880 Census of Gregg Co., Texas (Justice Precinct #3) that Thomas K. McClendon was 7 years old, born in Texas, and that he was "enumerated with the family of James B. and Ann E. McClendon." 

Mrs. Gibson would like to connect with relatives of James Bowling McClendon and Ann E. Townsend.  Here is Mrs. Jean McCLENDON Gibson's contact information: Jean and Robert Gibson, 1200 Jasper Dr 207, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6N7, Phone: 807-344-7720.

Her niece, Judy McClendon Eluik (, daughter of Archie Deweese McClendon, is online.

Presley Smith and Alice Mason's TOWNSEND Genealogy

J. B. McClendon married Ann E. Townsend (born Abt. 1836 in Logan, KY) in 1860 in Logan, KY). 

John B. McClendon was born Abt. 1829 and other children and their parents: John K. McClendon (born Abt. 1798 according to the 1850 Kentucky Census - Logan County, Roll 211, Page 2) and Nancy (?). 

Paul A. Baker's information on William Mcclendon (note: small second "c") mcclend2.txt 

William Mcclendon was born about 1783. He married Lucy Mcgowan 14 Nov 1805 in Wayne Co., KY. 
Listing 103 descendants for 9 generations. McCLENDON to McLENDON spelling occurred. 
This file was sent to me by Paul A. Baker, 30 N 4th St, Evansville, WI 53536 E-mail:

Danny McClendon sent me this file: mcclendo.ged in Dec. 1995 along with this message:

"My name is Danny McClendon and I live in San Jose, Ca. My mother (Ruthie McBrayer) and father (Emmitt McClendon) were born near Dallas Texas. My grandparents came from Alabama and their parents were originally from South Carolina." E-mail:
Joe Cole sent me this file on Dennis McClendon & Elizabeth: mc.ged (16364 bytes)

Joe Cole, PO Box 190,Mineral Springs, NC 28108, e-mail: (msmith). Joe will be updating this file, soon. Joe's family line starts with Joel McClendon b: 1832, son of Joel McClendon c1797-c1875. Also see Joe's March '97 e-mail to this website (Subj: SC McClendons)

Sean P. Kane ( sent this file: mcclendon.ged (48Kb) to me on Dec. 26, 1997.

He wrote: I see that you found my genealogy information through The Family Tree Maker web site. I have a very thorough McClendon tree that I am still inputting into my Family Tree Maker file based largely on information compiled over a lifetime by Max Jerrel McClendon and then published in his book McClendon in 1989 (Published by Plyler Printing Company). My mother's maiden name was McClendon.

Published by Plyler Printing Company, Durant, Oklahoma, USA, 74701 - Web site is under HEAVY Construction!)


GENDEX -- WWW Genealogical Index - Click on "Access the index", then "Go to the surname index" and finally, click on the "M" to go to the M index, then use your Netscape or Internet Explorer browser to search/find (in the "Edit" menu) McCLENDON, LOTT, etc.

WorldConnect Project - search database of .ged files. Be sure to submit your .ged files! 

McCLENDONs and McLENDONs in Scott County, MS as provided by Mrs. Delores Sanders

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McCLENDONs and McLENDONs Genealogy Books and Manuscripts

If you have any of the below books that you would like to sell because they don't contain your McCLENDONs / McLENDONs, please contact me a quote me a price plus shipping and handling. Also, let me know what condition the book is in. Thanks,

5712 Sweetwater NW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87120
(505) 899-5222
Ronald R. McCLENDON has provide me with a list of all McCLENDON and McLENDON genealogy books that he is aware of and he has all of this material in his personal library except for numbers 8 through 12:
(1) THE MCLENDONS OF ANSON COUNTY 1696 - 1957, by Rosalind McLendon Redfearn.   1957.  Wadesboro, North Carolina.  112 p.  coat-of arms, ports., 24 cm.
(2) THE MCCLENDONS - THE MACLENNAN, MACKLENDEN, MCCLENDON & MCLENDON - A FAMILY HISTORY OF THE MCCLENDON FAMILY by T.A. (Toby Allison) McClendon. 1973.  Stockton, California.  1973.  418 p.   illus., 21 cm.
(3) THE MCLENDONS OF AMERICA by Melba Goff Allen, Metairie, Louisiana, 1983.  xv,  216 p.   port., 23 cm.
(4) RECORD OF THE MCCLENDON (MACLENNON) FAMILIES (handwritten manuscript) by Quintana J. McCasland (handwritten 1969).  Antioch, Louisiana.
(5) MCCLENDONNA - JACOB MCCLENDON AND HIS DESCENDANTS 1702 - 1950 by Samuel Edwin McClendon (typewritten manuscript , ca 1950)
(6) MCCLENDON FAMILY ASSOCIATION NEWSLETTERS in Family Association Newsletters published between 1973 and 1976.  ( Ronald R. McCLENDON has Volumes 1 through 4.  There may have been others.)
(7) THE McLENDON / McCLENDON PAPERS OF LEONARDO ANDREA, transcribed by Richard R. Dietz.  1995.  (Book, CD-ROM or online).  450 p.  Goldenwest Marketing; 10528 Lower Azusa Road #162; El Monte, California 91731-1296.
(8) MCLENDONS OF CARROLL COUNTY, GEORGIA by Lois Cloise McLendon (Rural Route 3, Box 686; Broken Arrow Oklahoma 74014).  1989.   Gateway Press, Baltimore, Maryland. 284 p.  Ill., 24 cm
(9) MCCLENDON, A GENEALOGICAL RECORD by Max J. McClendon.  Plyler Printing Company (web site is under construction?); Durant, Oklahoma.  1989.
(10) ANCESTORS & DESCENDANTS OF ZACHARIAH MCLENDON, RICHLAND CREEK, PIKE COUNTY, ALABAMA by Sara E. McLendon Hatfield.   S.E.M. McLendon, [Alabama? : 1989] vii, 206 p.  illus., 24 cm.
(11) THE MCCLENDON FAMILY OF THE OLD SOUTH (or, THE SOUTHERN MCCLENDON FAMILIES) [U.S.? : 1985?] [13] leaves  29 cm.  Copy located at the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1997.
(12) THE HISTORY OF THE MACLENNANS, by Ronald G. MacLennan.  Ullapool : Ronald G. MacLennan of MacLennan, 1978.   264 p., xxxii p. of plates : ill., coats of arms  (1 col.), ports. ; 23 cm.  ( Ronald R. McCLENDON has reviewed this book in the Library of Congress.)


This is a book about McLENDONs and McCLENDONs and is available through: GoldenWest Marketing, 10528 Lower Azusa Road, Suite 162, El Monte, California 91731-1296, 818-309-0764 or 800-445-8925, FAX: 818-309-1610, E-mail: This web page provides some interesting introduction material to ancient McCLENDONs and McLENDONs. It comes in both a printed and an electronic version.

The Descendants of John McClendon / Macklendon by Bonnie Imogene (Rains) Wilson

My wife, Bonnie Imogene (Rains) Wilson is the McClendon descendant as follows: Bonnie Imogene (Rains) Wilson>Winnie (McClendon) Rains>Thomas Bartley "B" McClendon)>Dixon McClendon>Dennis McClendon>James McClendon>Lewis McClendon>Thomas McClendon>Dennis McClendon>John McClendon, born and died in Scotland.

We can provide a 223 page spiral bound record with index of John's descendants for $25.00 which includes postage. If you wish to order a copy, send your check made out to me to the address below. We enter data into our computer record as we receive it and make the connection, but we only add it to our spiral bound editions at the end of the calendar year. 

If you can connect we would very much like to add your data to ours for a later revision and for our current use. We get many requests for help in connecting to our line which we are always happy to supply.

Arnold Horton Wilson
1102 Elm St
Albertville AL 35950-2746

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Discussion Webs 

(a.k.a., Electronic Bulletin Boards, Surname Boards, Forums, or Webs, etc.)

McCLENDON and McLENDON at RootsWeb Message Boards



McClendon Family Genealogy Forum
McLendon Family Genealogy Forum

McCLENDON and McLENDON Genealogy Discussion Web

Surname Web - McClendon and McLendon

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Mailing Lists

RootsWeb Mailing Lists July 4, 2007

John Fuller's GENEALOGY RESOURCES ON THE INTERNET July 4, 2007 Includes general mailing lists, or mailing lists by surname or by state; newsgroups; etc.

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"Pat", Patricia D. McClendon

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